Kolean Pitner is a graduate of Pratt
Institute with a master’s degree in
communication design. She has over
30 years of experience in graphic
design, art direction, and corporate
communications with design firms in
New York and Minneapolis. She also
taught History of Graphic Design and
History of Illustration at the College
of Visual Arts in Saint Paul from 1986
to 2013. Her interest in design history
motivated her to co-author the book
Peter Seitz: Designing a Life in 2007.
The book was selected for the prestigious
AIGA 50 Books/50 Covers exhibition.

She co-curated the exhibitions bRANDs:
The Early Years, Branding by Paul Rand,

1941–1955 in 2011, and The Lustigs:
A Cover Story
in 2012 at the CVA Gallery.

Her work was also included in the Women in Minnesota Design exhibition at
the CVA Gallery in 2011.

Kolean is a long time AIGA member. She served on the Minnesota chapter’s
board as Education Director, organized the Insights Lecture Series, and
sat on various committees during the 1980s. In 2008, she became a board
member again as Co-Director of Education and Programming Director for the
Insights Lectures Series.  Prior to the 2008 election, she also coordinated the
AIGA’s Get Out the Vote poster exhibitions in the Twin Cities.

In January 2009, she helped coordinate AIGA Minnesota’s Art Buddies
fund-raiser and mural painting project, which featured the Los Angeles
street artist Chase. In 2010, she coordinated a mentor program called
Create! Don’t Hate with design students in the Twin Cities and art students
at Washburn High School. She is now working on an Archive Project blog for
the AIGA Minnesota chapter.